Design Process

Working with existing and new infrastructure, we create designs that can update or replace any existing system in a building that address fire hazard concerns for each zone. There are a number of key elements that go into our design process.

Initial Consultation
A number of system types exist on the market ranging from sprinklers to clean agent systems - each with a specific function. We work with clients to determine what type of system is a better fit for their establishment, based on commercial and environmental fire hazards.

Programming and Calculation
Hydraulic calculation is a key component of designing a fire protection system. We are one of only two companies that have invested in the leading fire protection software HASS速. With this software, hydraulic analysis is performed in accordance with NFPA Code. In addition, our partnership with our manufacturer has allowed us to use their server validated hydraulic calculation software's for total flooding suppression using FM-200 and Inert gas systems that are used in key installations. Each clean agent used has a separate design concentration and thus key to providing value engineering for projects of large magnitude.

National Fire Protection Association Standards
NFPA codes cover the design, installation and testing of all types of fire protection systems and we are committed to ensuring that all of our systems are designed and built according to code. Not only does this help ensure that a system is well designed, but that it carries the highest level of safety rating.

Design Application and Technical procedures
Our design engineers are highly trained creative individuals that can provide solutions for a system that will be both functional and aesthetic. Communication amongst design and field engineers is an important link that eases the transition from paper to site. Design is an important facet of the overall fire protection process, and must take into account building use, standards and the needs of clients in order to be both functional and effective. At Optimal Solution, we are proud of our design process and the reputation it has earned us in the industry.

"At Optimal Solution, fire protection is our business!"

Our professional workmanship ensures we follow a strict well-reputed standard for installation.