Director's Message

In light of the way Qatari urban development has been evolving in recent years and the increasing focus on safety, we took the initiative in establishing an independent firefighting and life safety company, Optimal Solution Trading and Contracting W.L.L.

In 2012, we signed a partnership agreement with one of the top fire protection engineering companies operating in the MEA region, which has an excellent reputation in firefighting installations and a long history of professional workmanship and high safety standards. In cooperation with our partner UNISAFE International, our goal is to be a valuable supplier of fire protection systems and a market leader in firefighting installations in Qatar.

Customer satisfaction is what we aim for with quality results as our end-product. We strive towards our goal through innovative use our of skills, knowledge, technology, teamwork, and effective communication with both our suppliers and end users. We continuously seek to create a professional and customer oriented work environment for our clients.

It fills my heart with immense joy and determination to be part of the 2022 World Cup bid awarded to Qatar. In anticipation of this auspicious event and on the verge of an era of innovation in the field of safety in Qatar, we are committed to world class engineering as we build our country together.

Ahmed M.H. Al Muftah
Managing Director,
Optimal Solution Trading and Contracting W.L.L.

"At Optimal Solution, fire protection is our business!"

Our professional workmanship ensures we follow a strict well-reputed standard for installation.