Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm systems are a critical component of the fire protection industry. It starts with detection and end in suppression. At Optimal Solution, our approach to sales, service, products and solutions is especially suited to fire detection in industrial and commercial applications. We work closely with our customers to design, install, maintain and upgrade industry-specific fire detection solutions. NFPA codes require that all buildings which have fire alarm systems installed tested year round to ensure system is operating properly. We provide our customers with complete maintenance contracts in addition to our inspection and testing during warranty period. When it comes to fire alarms, we only use the best. Check out our fire alarm suppliers in our product list.

Automatic fire alarm systems are designed to monitor and detect heat and/or smoke presence inside a building. The main purpose of a fire alarm system is to notify building inhabitants that there is a presence of a fire situation, allowing them to evacuate the occupied space safely before it is too late.

There are two types of fire alarm systems: Conventional and Addressable. Conventional fire alarms have been around for quite some time and cost much less than addressable systems however, as the technological and manufacturing advancements have progressed, the cost factor has been narrowing every year. At Optimal Solution, we are proud to be one of the most competitive companies in Qatar when it comes to supplying of fire alarm equipment.

Conventional Fire Alarm Addressable Fire Alarm
Zoned identification during activation Single point identification during activation
Lower speed of detection Intelligent devices for detection
None Pre-alarm warning - Allows for investigation
Fixed detection Addressable systems alters threshold of detectors
Wired in radial circuits Wired in a loop
Cheap and affordable 50% higher cost than conventional systems
Optimal in smaller locations Optimal in larger building spaces

"At Optimal Solution, fire protection is our business!"

Our professional workmanship ensures we follow a strict well-reputed standard for installation.