Aerosol Fire Suppression in Qatar

Manufactured by Fireaway, A leader in Aerosol fire suppression, Stat-X aerosol fire suppression generators provide highly effective, environmentally friendly fire suppression for fires in enclosed facilities and local spaces. Unlike FM-200, Halon or C02, Stat-X systems do not require the pressure vessels, pipe work, and extensive installation manpower. The aerosol generators are virtually maintenance free. The Stat-X generators effectiveness is a function of its patented design, aerosol composition, and the ultra-fine aerosol particles produced, which is both non-toxic, and non-corrosive. The agent is potassium based, and is 5 times as effective as Halon. Primary extinguishment mechanism is chemical interference with free radicals of flame, which interrupts the propagation of fire. Stat-X aerosol fire suppression units are environmentally friendly with zero ozone depletion and zero global warming potential, they can present a very cost effective alternative to traditional gas suppression systems with their superior suppression performance, space and weight savings and ease of installation. They can be used strategically to prevent fire escalation and therefore negate the requirement for building sprinkler systems to actuate, reducing or avoiding associated water damage. They are particularly effective at protecting small process or plant hot spots, machinery spaces or switch gear. Stat-X is currently UL Listed, FM Approved & Qatar Civil Defense approved product.

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